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About Us

about us

Study Ground is an interactive education platform for teachers and students, who are passionate about education. We have been successful in making a tool for them, which encourages learning and career advancement flexibly. The registration process is completely free so that people in need can access quality education faster. Through this attempt, we aim to bring education to the maturity it needs.

We have made a specialised learning environment to make education interesting and empowering. Yes, we would focus on the word 'empowering' because Study Ground will allow you to learn while you earn and vice versa. On this website, you can find teachers of all subjects and courses. You gain the facility of choosing exactly what you want to learn. If you are searching for a teacher with the words ‘private home tutors near me’, then you can be sure that you will get qualified and licensed educators here, who will fit your needs accurately.

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Why Would you Choose Us?

Why choose us
  1. Our platform is for everyone.
  2. Study Ground provide personalized attention to every requests
  3. Here teachers and students or parents can communicate directly.
  4. We always do our best to help everyone.
  5. Our aim is to build a simple and open education system.

How It Work?

  1. Write about yourself by creating your profile.
  2. Complete your Profile with more details gets maximum attention from our students and parents.
  3. You will find student and parent requests in your profile.
  4. Hassle free communication with students, teachers and parents.
  5. Create your digital profile and gain more reach to the students.
  6. Contact us directly and give your best in the demo class to ensure tuition.
  1. You can search the section with the topics and places you need.
  2. View the profile of your favorite teacher in full and send a request.
  3. As soon as possible the teacher will contact you directly.

Popular Questions

Study Ground has been providing the best online tutoring services effectively. Thanks to its qualified trainers and tenacious students; Study Ground has been leading many minds of this generation successfully.

In the groups of free tutoring services provided by online platforms; Study ground has gained a good attention from both students and their parents because of how it manages digital platforms for studying in a blended way.

One may earn a good amount of money based on the time and effort they offer the platform. It all depends on how many classes you are offering and how long you are teaching students.

We can trust Study Ground as it is an authorized platform. Trainers from all over India work in this platform to provide quality academic services. The platform is also monitored by expert cybersecurity experts to ensure digital security.

Study Ground has proven its worth to both teachers and students. For educators, Study ground has brought more flexibility. Teachers may now access students in remote areas too. Hence, it becomes materially and financially a fruitful platform for most teachers. Young trainers are also welcome.

Of course you can. If you are a teacher, you can upload your course material along with the fees you charge. Students can take the help of skill enhancement classes and earn money indirectly from part-time or freelance work.

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